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2011 is gonna be good!

Posted by Mark Wednesday, December 29, 2010

 A few shots of winter fish from the past few years. We swing flies for these guys and it's a hoot! Weather and water level/conditions are always a factor but if you keep an eye on things and have an open schedule you can have some good chances at fish like this. If you fish the NU in summer it is a whole new ballgame in winter. Higher water, even sketchier wading and fish holding in different types of water. Knowing where,when and why these fish hold where they do at the various water levels is not an easy game but it is a fun one, and one I have become good at. 

I will start booking trips in January.  The months of February, March and April are generally the best times with more fish around,but we can see some fish in January as well.

 Uncle Buck

 Chubby Bunny

 Chunky Monkey

 Very Nice!

 A staggeringly large North Umpqua buck!

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