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Winter Wonderland

Posted by Mark Saturday, February 26, 2011 2 comments


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Bob Clay

Posted by Mark Thursday, February 17, 2011 0 comments

 I have to pass this along.I have been fortunate enough to meet and fish with  Bob and Jed a little on the Dean in BC. They don't come cooler than Bob and his clan! Had some crazy times with Jed. One time he did this gnarly wade to a submerged boulder on the Dean. It was way over his waders but he zipped up his goretex jacket and cranked the bottom tight and plunged in chest deep to get to the rock.Something I would have never attempted. And guess worked ! That guy was fishy as all get out and one heck of a guide.

A Steelhead Family - Official HD video 3.1 from Andrew Hardingham on Vimeo.

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On February 16th, 2011 by Kenny Morrish

Dear Friends of Fish and Wild Places,
In an effort to help stop the Proposed Pebble Mine, I hope that you might take a look at, and pass along to all interested parties, the following essay that I have written about Alaska and the Pebble project.
Click Here for Slide Show

Flow is a new electronic magazine that we recently launched. Generally speaking it is photo rich and artsy but the attached issue “Alaska, Past, Present and Future” has a strong environmental message. It begins with the state’s history and moves quickly into a discussion of the mine and its threat to the greatest wild salmon fishery in the world.
I have contacted all of you in hopes that you might post this essay on your blogs and or forward it to your email contacts. The more people that see this and related materials, the better of Bristol Bay will be. To succeed in stopping the Pebble, it will take a great deal of effort from all of us.
Thanks in advance for your consideration and efforts and all the best for the coming year.
Ken Morrish

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Bryan Huskey

Posted by Mark Tuesday, February 8, 2011 0 comments

Above photos by Bryan Huskey

Bryan Huskey is a gifted photographer/videographer whose images have been permeating the fishing world. Check out his awesome photos and more at  this great site! Check it out, an amazing eye behind the lens.

Oh yeah, he of course fishes too!!
Here are some cool random NU shots of  Bryan and some buds on the NU.

The master in his element

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OPB video

Posted by Mark Friday, February 4, 2011 0 comments

A quick followup to my last post. This is a neat video I found on speypages on the subject of wild trout and steelhead. The poster of the video, SSpey is far more informed and knowledgeable on the subject than I and is clear in his explanation and views of the article on the OSU study. I will leave the science to those that have done their homework. I am learning more every day on all this and appreciate those like Steve who can break this stuff down in way that is easier to understand. Sometimes it's hard to know what studies like the recent OSU study in Hood River are trying to prove, also who is really behind it and what the political motives are. Like I said he is a guy who's opinion is always informed and I respect.Anyway check the thread out on speypages.

Here is the link to another article Steve mentions in his post which helps a bit as well-Endangered listing

There is potentially a lot more going on with this recent study than meets the eye.

Thanks Steve!

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A fairly interesting article on a study the importance of wild rainbow trout in the health of wild steelhead populations  in the Northwest.. According to the article, the rainbow trout is often responsible for fertilizing wild steelhead eggs and mitigating the effect of interbreeding/introgression from hatchery strains. So in the end protecting habitat for both species is essential.

Amazing to read how interconnected these two fish are and how rainbows can contribute to the gene pool on years of low run numbers and difficult ocean conditions. Genetically identical in every way,why one goes to the ocean and one doesn't is still one of God's mysteries. While there are some exceptions to this rule(rainbows going to the ocean) the rainbows in those situations do not spend the time that steelhead do in the big pond. Most instances of rainbows going to the salt are in coastal Alaska,BC, South America or Russia. These fish  may only spend a short time in bays or areas where fresh and salt water mix. Like I said,we may never know the how and why of it.........fascinating stuff !

Hopefully this study is not used as fodder for more hatchery fish The real thrust of the article I think is rainbow trout and preservation of habitat is a big key to steelhead survival as well.

Check it-Wild Rainbow Article

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