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It's steelheading time. Don't miss out on the action.
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Full Day: (1-2 people)    $550

A full day includes up to 10 hours of guided fishing.  From late June until the end of August anglers have the choice of breaking up the 10 hours into two sessions.  This allows for more productive morning and evening shade. Snacks and beverages are included, as well as lunch if desired. With the full day package, anglers may also choose one session in the evening, then the next session the following morning.

8-Hour Day: (1-2 people)  $450

This is our most popular trip during the peak autumn months (Sept. - Nov.) - 8 hours of productive fishing from morning until early afternoon. Snacks and beverages are included, as well as lunch if desired.

6-Hour Morning Session: (1-2 people)   $350

This morning session consists of 6 hours of fishing for up to two people. Snacks and beverages are provided including coffee.

*If your party consists of more than two anglers, another guide will be hired.*

Reserve your trip today!



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