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OPB video

Posted by Mark Friday, February 4, 2011

A quick followup to my last post. This is a neat video I found on speypages on the subject of wild trout and steelhead. The poster of the video, SSpey is far more informed and knowledgeable on the subject than I and is clear in his explanation and views of the article on the OSU study. I will leave the science to those that have done their homework. I am learning more every day on all this and appreciate those like Steve who can break this stuff down in way that is easier to understand. Sometimes it's hard to know what studies like the recent OSU study in Hood River are trying to prove, also who is really behind it and what the political motives are. Like I said he is a guy who's opinion is always informed and I respect.Anyway check the thread out on speypages.

Here is the link to another article Steve mentions in his post which helps a bit as well-Endangered listing

There is potentially a lot more going on with this recent study than meets the eye.

Thanks Steve!


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