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Single-handed double haul

Posted by Mark Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I love David's simple instruction and very relaxed stroke. Makes it look so easy.Good stuff! Check out both these videos!

Here is another great video from David that I posted a while back but it is so good I will post it again. I consider myself a pretty good single hand caster but I learned a ton watching this.This guys instruction has made me take a good hard look at some of my casting flaws. The way he explains the double haul and how he hauls his line is very different from the way most of us were taught or learned on our own.It makes complete sense.

This little video has made me a better single hand caster for sure.If you follow a few of these tips it will make you a better caster as well.Probably the most helpful and instructional short video I have seen on the subject. It makes total sense and works well when put into practice.Getting the rod tip to travel in an elliptical path is the key to keeping the stroke smooth and non jerky. The elliptical path is kind of another way to incorporate "rod drift" into the stroke.A way to keep constant tension on the line to get maximum load before forward delivery.A really, really good video!

Time to get the single hander out and study up folks, summer steel are right around the corner!

DVD Review: "Taming the Wind" from Davin Ebanks on Vimeo.

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