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The Pull

Posted by Mark Monday, May 30, 2011

I was over on my favorite river yesterday.I was trying to catch a salmon down in the lower river and that was my main reason for going. Although I had my fly gear, I was not even gonna try due to the high water and lack of steelhead over the dam. As I was winding my way up out of the fly water I felt The Pull. Before I knew what was happening I was driving into the Camp water,wadered up and walking the trail with my dog to the Boat Pool.The Pull was strong and I always feel it at this time of year. This time it surprised me, kind of caught me off guard. The Pull is always there, just waiting to come to the surface when seasonal changes and run timings align. I listen to The Pull when it comes and follow it where it leads me.

The Pull of a river and a fish that is stronger than my will to fight against it. The Pull of something inside me that instantaneously rearranges my priorities for the next 6 months. It's all consuming and all encompassing. It defines me at my core. The Pull is undeniable,unstoppable.You can try to run from it but it will tackle you from behind and throw you down.Once summer steel are around,I can't go through even an hour of the day without my mind drifting to the crystal waters,ledge rock pools and glassy tail outs where I first experienced The Pull.

I fished the Boat pool with confidence, it felt good to get back into the rhythm of casting and stepping, searching, probing for that early season fish that can often be the hottest fish of the year. I fished through the pool and felt good that I listened to The Pull even though there was no reward this time around. For me, The Pull is linked to experiencing God's creation and it comes directly from Him. As I go through life, I listen to The Pull of the one that created all things, knowing that everything good,beautiful, and worthy comes from Him. The Pull is all about Truth.The Pull is not only about the river and fish, it is living with the knowledge that we all are created for a unique and special purpose and we need to live that out everyday. Time is short here on this earth, we are but a mist.

I wish all of you a great year of summer steelheading and I look forward to fishing with some of the great friends I have made over the years.


  1. simon Says:
  2. WOW...I want to fish with you. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and look forward to the next one. THANK YOU!

  3. Mark Says:
  4. Thanks Simon,it's about that time!


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