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Posted by Mark Tuesday, June 21, 2011

 Spent a couple hours on the river swinging some runs yesterday. High water is still the deal right now but fish are starting to show as they always do. Many will take advantage of these conditions and head right up the creek, though apparently the ladder is blocked again. They should get it clear shortly and those early fish will slide in safe at home in Lee's for the summer. Clarity and level made the decision rather easy to put on a tip and something big. The below photo was taken in the Confluence where Steamboat is running clear. Higher water and turbidity from the work at the dam put some color into the upper river and it could be like that on and off throughout the summer months. My fingers are crossed that they don't jack it up too bad.

 Texas Flood from SRV just seemed so appropriate with the almost winter levels we are still expeiencing on the river. It is dropping a little all the time but it may be a while before you can easily stroll out to your favorite rock. So until then, rock this!


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