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Posted by Mark Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The water was up significantly again yesterday as well as having a decidedly dirty twinge to it.Despite these less than favorable conditions , I got this boy to go. He took me to the rodeo and I used all my skill,fast footwork and wading abilities to land him. He fought exactly like a fish of this size and condition should fight......lights out! He stayed in the water for the most part,jumping only once,but tried to leave the pool on several of his powerful runs into the main current. The strength of some of these early fish rivals any I have encountered.

Maybe summer will show up soon,on this river............... it could still be  awhile.


  1. Alonzo Says:
  2. Envy makes an entrance...nice one Mark, very cool.

  3. Ken Campbell Says:
  4. Laser

  5. Awesome Mark! Were you fishing on top on subsurface? That fish is pure chrome, a beauty. It's hard to tell from the photo, what was the estimated size of that fish?

  6. Mark Says:
  7. The water was WAY up again Todd, so it was a tip and a something black.

    The fish was a solid 12lbs, very thick. I didn't measure it, it was just one of those " Wow! That's a nice fish"! moments. One of the nicer(color wise and fighting strength) summer fish I have landed in a while.


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