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A New Motivation

Posted by Mark Thursday, September 29, 2011

I just got back from a nice long weekend on the river. Camping and hanging around with the family was so cool. We hiked, we fished, we laughed, we relaxed. It was campfires and Coleman  lanterns, BBQ's and birthdays, good friends and good times. It was wet clothes and sandy shoes. It was a snug sleeping bag to roll into at night, fighting off the coming fall chill. It was hoody time at last and it was a blast! 

Fishing was slower but it doesn't matter as much as it used to. As my little ones grow bigger every day,I have new motivation to be on the river. It's the motivation to raise my kids the way I was raised, outdoors having fun and exploring.Getting dirty and taking chances.Learning and growing. 

Watching my youngest at 4 years old, actually making some very serviceable casts in real world fishing conditions, where there was a chance to catch a fish was nothing short of spectacular. He is a Stangeland for sure. His natural abilities and careful observation of both his mother and me fishing has not been wasted. He has the gift. My daughter hasn't shown the interest yet but that's fine. If she want's to fish she can. She is a hoot to be around and watching the two of them tear up the river finding every crawdad and salamander is a joy to watch. Often it's more fun than fishing and I join them on the banks making new discoveries like it was the first time.

 Picking up and laying down 35 feet with the Switch and a skater

Serious concentration

 Twitchin a skater(watch your Mom son, she's dialed)

An  11ft 7wt Switch rod is really a perfect spey tool in a 4 year olds hands
(Don't scratch the Hardy!)

 Keep it up and someday you can throw some string like your Uncle Jeff
 Super Serious-yeah right!


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