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A humorous limerick

Posted by Mark Monday, October 31, 2011

While playing one day on the vice
I came up with a fly that was nice
I used some dog hair
it was sparse but had flair
the head was finished not once but twice

So off to the river I went
to see if my spey could get bent
I arrived at the spot,and believe it or not
where I fish was an old English gent.

The gent was quite nice and named Will
cracked his flask and handed me a swill
it went down real fine, he casted his line
I could see he had more than his fill.

His casts were a total train wreck
he could see they were going to heck
his double was in trouble,his poke was a joke
he ended up with line around his neck

He soon realized he was done
a cast he could not make, even one
so he opted out,thus saving the trout
who were dying of laughter and fun

I watched from the side on the sly
still wanting to fish my new fly
I got on the rock and got quite a shock
when the first cast rose a big guy

I knew right away it was steel
It's weight I wanted to feel
so without a doubt I speyed one more out
trying to fool him and seal up the deal

The cast was right on the mark
he approached the fly like a shark
with a head and tail swirl my reel started to twirl
and then the gears they started to bark

I could tell this fish was real big
you might even call it a pig
he stretched out my line my reel started to whine
I don't smoke but I needed a cig

This fight would be easy to botch
I thought "where is Will and his Scotch"
When out from a tree probably taking a pee
stumbled the old man tuned up a notch

He waded out quite expertly
only once did he drop to his knee
he gave me the flask, I didn't have to ask
took a big pull and said whoopee!

The fish was now growing tired
after the shot I was really quite wired
I gave him a ride he rolled on his side
I told Will "tail him right now or your fired"

The old man moved like a cat
grabbed the tail of the fish no time flat
he twisted the fly and we both said bye bye
have you ever heard a story like that?

The moral of the story is clear
Sometimes scotch is better than beer
If you meet an old man, he may have a plan
and you might end up giving him a cheer


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