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Winter Fly Coolness

Posted by Mark Sunday, December 11, 2011

Great flies and step by step on these killer winter patterns!

Thanks Dimitri, nicely done!

Happy tying!

Purple & Blue Tube Fly from Dimitri Gammer on Vimeo.

Pink Fox Steelhead Fly from Dimitri Gammer on Vimeo.

Pink Marabou Steelhead Fly from Dimitri Gammer on Vimeo.

Black and Purple Tube from Dimitri Gammer on Vimeo.

1 Responses to Winter Fly Coolness

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. The preaching is no surprise, although it always comes in poor taste. You get some credit for saying what everybody is thinking. You are right that a lot of fish are getting hammered. But you are contributing to that by blogging about it., especially going into the biggest winter steelheading week of the year. WTF???

    I also think you are missing what is happening on larger rivers under these conditions. While bottlenecks crowd fish and create fantasy conditions for anglers, they arer not trapped. It's a new batch every day, dude.

    So thanks for the Xmas gift: more people on the river you say you love, but sell out for a low-wage living. On the upper river, where these fish stage and spawn.

    Am I missing something here?


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