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Young Gun Goes Dry

Posted by Mark Monday, May 28, 2012

  A recent trip to an undisclosed location provided action on large dry flies.K2 finally actually got to feel one on the end of a rod and listen to the Bougle scream. Yes these trout can spin a Hardy too! I have found that the 11 7wt switch rod is really a great tool for small people to cast and they can do so without a lot of arm strength. This rod, one of my steelhead setups, is slowly being taken from me by my son. He get's it and I am so proud to sit back and watch the light bulb go on. My daughter is also picking up the rod as well and has that smooth stroke of her mom's casting already.

Smiles all around as K2 puts the wood on a feisty dry fly eatin trout 
( Let go of the handle when it starts spinning son!)

A nice first trout for the boy.....he's wrecked!!!  (note the eyes rolled back into his head and the glazed look of a dry fly fisherman in post fish euphoria)


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