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Umpqua Wild Winter Kill proposals are back

Posted by Mark Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yes friends and neighbors, there are again multiple proposals for the killing of wild fish in the Umpqua drainage. So we had a good run of fish in 2012 and the powers that be are entertaining ideas on killing wild fish again. This is LUDICROUS and short sighted on so many levels. Hard to wrap my mind around the thinking of the state to even entertain these.
The last time there was a kill policy in place the census checkers figured that there were 4,000 wild winter fish killed in one season. In this day and age where wild fish are at an all time low, that kind of killing is not sustainable.This is a big deal people. We need to rally once again and get on the bus to save one of the last healthy populations of winter steelhead anywhere. We need to show up in force when the public forum in Salem is held. As was the case last time, advocates for catch and release showed up and the guys that made the proposals did not. The fish won that round but it's round two now. If we get signatures and pack the meeting hall at the public forum we will win again.

Tony Wratney has started this petition which opposes the many kill proposals on the docket and seeks to retain the current zero kill policy that is in place now.

Sign Here: UMPQUA WILD FISH NO KILL PETITION  Donate to the petition site if you choose but please note it is possible to sign the petition without donating.

To view the Southwest zone proposals and see what they are and who is proposing them go to :UMPQUA WILD FISH KILL PROPOSALS

The SW Zone is on page 36. Once again, the vocal minority is trying to put one over on the fish. By proposing many different scenarios they figure one will get through and the slaughter of wild fish will continue.

The ODFW public meeting packet ( ) states the best ways to get involved:

1. Write a letter. All letters will be forwarded to The Fish and Wildlife Commission as part of the public record.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Angling Regulations
3406 Cherry Avenue NE
Salem, OR 97303.

2.  Testify at a commission meeting.

 It looks like there will be two commission meetings before the rule changes become final. August 3rd in Salem and September 7th in Hermiston.

Please sign the petition above and pass it along to whoever you can.




  1. mia Says:
  2. Thanks for the info, unreal that people would advocate to kill wild Steelhead.

  3. Mark Says:
  4. I know Mia it's crazy talk, but the state biologists are saying the run is healthy lets kill it. Makes absolutely no senses whatsoever.Lots of Helfrich's in there, I think they have 3 proposals for killing wild fish. They of all people should know that these proposals will not sustain the fishing forever. The old guard needs to wake up!

  5. BHC Says:
  6. Thanks for the update! Unbelievable and shame on the Helfrich crew, not sure what they're thinking???

  7. Randall Says:
  8. Thanks Mark, I'll get on and sign as soon as we get back from central OR. Crazy that they wOuld even think this was a good idea...


  9. Randall Says:
  10. Thanks Mark, I'll get on and sign as soon as we get back from central OR. Crazy that they wOuld even think this was a good idea...


  11. Brent Says:
  12. Hey Mark I am unable to sign because it keeps saying PW invalid. Where do I make a Password?

  13. Mark Says:
  14. You shouldn't need a password,just click on the link go to sign petition and there ya go.

  15. Steve Says:
  16. There is a password required now, was not there when I signed the petition...

  17. Mark Says:
  18. I will talk to Tony who set it up, maybe he has messed with the setting unknowingly....

  19. Mark Says:
  20. All fixed boys, no password needed. Accept our apologies,were fly guys not computer wizards here.


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