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Get Bent!

Posted by Mark Sunday, September 16, 2012 3 comments

 Fishing is good right now if you know where to look.Beating the same old runs is not always the answer.Exploring new water and fishing weird places was the key to success this weekend.

 Below is Dan with one of three for the day.

 Dan with a hot one!

A great fish for Dan

 Longtime friend and mentor JC drifting a dry

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Simple Fishing

Posted by Mark Wednesday, September 12, 2012 3 comments

I was on the road working and found myself somewhat close to the NU this evening. Great right? Not so great as I had no gear whatsoever. I knew my buddy had rods but he was on a 4 day trip on the D and took most of them. The ones he left if any, I would not feel comfortable fishing without asking him first.I went by the house anyway and searched around in the back room for something less precious.

Low and behold,I found a 10 ft 7wt Sage SLT strung up with a SA steelhead taper line and a # 2 Skunk tied firmly to the end of 8lb maxima. "This dog will hunt" I say as I remove it from it's perch behind an old TV. Now I search in vain for a little tippet and maybe an extra fly or two to take with me on the evening session. I end up finding a Black Gordon ad stick it in my hat. I then sit at the vise and tying a quick skater and stick that in my hat and am out the door.

I have a single hand rod, a couple flies, a spool of 7lb Umpqua I found on the hall table and my street clothes, that's it. No waders ,wading boots, fly boxes nippers,files etc.

I know there are at least a few places I can fish without getting wet and I go there. I hop scotch out over the rocks to reach a suitable casting station. I am pushing the limits with where I try and get as usual,but make it safely. Once safely on a dry spot, I began to fish. It is awesome! I feel like I am naked without all the things I would normally carry.Almost instantly it is apparent that I don't use or need half the stuff I cart around with me. The single hand rod feels good in my hand. The double haul is smooth and easy, the line fairly sings as it sails out over the flat and glassy tail out. The Skunk swims gently towards the edge of the run, searching for a player.

I fish 4 runs without a pull but it was rewarding to challenge myself to fish in this somewhat restricted manner.

There is much to be said of the "simple way"


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