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Indian Summer

Posted by Mark Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Had a great time on the river recently. These pictures give you a little window into what I got to experience on this last trip to the river with great friends. Fishing was as good as I have seen it lately and as usual you had to get out there and cover a lot of water to find them. We found fish in odd and out of the way places. The tried and true spots were not giving it up so we fished some weird stuff. It worked. We had the river to ourselves and we found willing fish every day.


  1. Debi Says:
  2. I love to see the colors changing. Nice.

  3. Mark:
    Did you get surface grabs? I fished the river yesterday, 11/1. Nice day, beautiful river, no fish. Water temp hovered at 44 degrees up and down the river. I fish each spot with two passes, first with a skater, second pass with a wet. At least it's always a beautiful place even when it serves up the skunk.


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