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River Cleanup Day August 16 Bogus Creek Pullout 9:30AM

Posted by Mark Thursday, July 31, 2014

We love this river and these fish. Come on out and help to keep their habitat pristine

As many of you long time North Umpqua fisherman know, every day is river clean up day. I know many of you clean up garbage along the river as a normal course of action during your time here on the river. This is great so keep it up. Luckily, garbage is not an extreme problem on the river but I for one do not like to see any in the fly water and always pick up stuff that other inconsiderate people have left behind.That being said, the Steamboaters organize a formal river clean up one day every year to really address and clean up in a major way.  This day is coming up soon and any and all that want to be a part can attend and help.

This year the clean up will begin at 9:30 AM at the Bogus Creek pull out. We meet gather into pairs and spread out for a couple hours and pick up trash etc. After that, a BBQ will commence at the Susan Creek Day use area. This is for fishers and non-fishers alike. It will be a good chance to learn a bit about the Steamboaters and what they do.I urge you to support the Steamboaters as they are doing great things for the fish and river and are a great group. For more info go to the Steamboaters page and learn more.  


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