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Bretts White Whale

Posted by Mark Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's hard to take a good picture when you just hooked the fish of 3 lifetimes.Brett was shaking like a drunk coming off a 5year bender,thus the bad picture. No need for a Redbull after this fish.My buddy Brett fished hard for 4 days and touched one fish. Then this bad boy gave him a yank and a fight like you read about. Brett responsibly kept this big wild fish in the water at all times and did not try to get an exact measurement or a good picture......even though it would have been nice. The health of the fish was more important. This big buck was only sidelined long enough to regain his wind and swim away strong. 

A quick measurement against the rod put this fish in the 40+inch range. And from the obvious girth this fish was easily over 20lbs.Oh yeah, that's a 13'6 Meiser handle in the water for scale. Kind of makes it look like an Echo practice rod.

Caught on the swing, this huge fish jumped multiple times and about left the park on a couple of occasions.

When last contacted for a comment Brett kept murmuring things like" Fish Powerful!, and Oh Larry! as he wiped the drool from his lips. He has been under 24 hour supervision and has been on doctor prescribed medication since the incident to control the shakes and involuntary fish related vocal outbursts.

Good job buddy!

1 Responses to Bretts White Whale

  1. Brett Says:
  2. Thanks for the kind words Mark. That's the Ump for ya. Beats you to a pulp for 4 days, then gives you a gift like this. I love that river!


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