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Guiding can be tough

Posted by Mark Monday, March 29, 2010

Sometimes just getting there is. Headed to the river on Friday am and got stopped by traffic backed up from a big multi-car wreck and rollover in the snow. I stopped and was sitting there waiting when Bang! Crash!! Boom! Some 18 year old lady Einstein  in a big truck came in a little hot behind us and hit 2 other cars trying to stop.One car hit me and knocked me into the plate steel bumper of a 60ft chip didn't move. Cracked my radiator,drained out all my fluid, busted out my headlight, bent both front and rear bumpers and quarter panels and worst of all it scared my dog!!! I sat there for 6-7, hours fuming the whole time.

I was dead in the water and had to get a tow. I was the last car out there when the cars started moving again. I endured the looks of hundreds of cars as they went by. "There's the guy that caused this whole thing" I could see them mumble as they glared at me on the slow drive by my wounded truck. I finally got  a tow,went back to bend and got another vehicle to head back to the river by nightfall. When there is winter steel in the river and you have a trip to guide the next day, you get there no mater what. Guides are never least this one isn't. Fishing was good, catching not so much, a good yank and that was all. Water is blowing out as we speak and will probably be out for a while.......stay tuned.


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