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Fish reactions to a swung fly.

Posted by Mark Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am always interested in what fish do and what gets them going.I wonder how many times this happens when we are by ourselves and can't see the fish from above as clearly.These are Atlantics of course and they are stacked in a bit more than the average steelhead lie,but they react much the same as Steelhead to the swung fly. Interesting to watch the fishes behavior.

Sometimes a second pass or a fly change when fishing a run may indeed be the right call when fishing for steelhead.

The last video is some more dry fly takes to get you jacked for summer. Notice the rises that don't hook up and what the angler does.....nothing, perfect.You got to wait on those things till you feel them on then lift the rod. Don't jerk it away from them for crying out loud!


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