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Staying with a player

Posted by Mark Saturday, May 1, 2010

To follow up on my previous post,this video shows the importance of staying with a player.The video,although not the best quality, shows the necessity of making another drift or two after raising a grabby fish. In this instance the fish was so grabby that there was no need to even change flies. Just chuck the same fly out there and....Bingo! This is often the case with rested happy fish. They just can't stand it!

This fish rolls twice on the fly on two different occasions. I like how the fish rises again after Frank turns around to talk to his buddy.Finally the fish eats the fly and is stuck and he leaves the building after a jump and a short tussle. The hunt,and the cat and mouse game is the fun part of this method of fishing. Often it's not the landing of the fish that you remember it's the getting him to eat/commit to the fly that keeps us going.

Side note, the angler is Frank Cammack, a guy who has probably caught as many steelhead as about any man alive. Just goes to show that sometimes they just don't stick.


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