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Echo Micro Practice Rod

Posted by Mark Saturday, July 31, 2010



What a cool tool! Saw one at the local fly shop and had to have it. The kids were already amped to start casting so this is a great starting point. Today was the first time either of them had a rod in their hands and it was cool to see they are naturally gifted.K2 is 3 and already he wants to double haul. The Bean is 4 and has the smooth stroke of her Mom. It's amazing to see how with a little time and effort these kids will be rocking the fly rod. Starting young like they are, by 8 or 10 it could be a little scary!

I would highly recommend this rod for a teaching aid for young and old alike. I was having a blast with it myself on the lawn!! Feels like a real casting stroke and the yarn is heavy enough to load it up. It roll casts, and will throw tight loops.

Super good practice to tune up your muscle memory for single handed guys still cast a single hand rod don't you?

The Gecko rod from Echo is on the list next.

  Wait for it Son (look at that stance, and the shades!)

Loading it up( hauling and double hauling is natural with these)

Loaded and ready for delivery, send her downtown boy!


  1. Steelie Mike Says:
  2. Very nice! I got similar pictures with my little on myself.

  3. mia Says:
  4. The Gecko is the best toy for kids! Tegan has one too and just loves to go fishing with it.


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