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The North Umpqua/ The Jay Nicholas Interview

Posted by Mark Thursday, August 5, 2010

I was reading this article again today and thought it would be good to bring it back to the top again. After less than a 2 years, the ODFW is again thinking of how they can harvest wild winter fish on the North. We should have been safe for 4 years before it came up again but it is an issue that will raise it's ugly head again and again. Even though the people have spoken out on the no kill loud and clear(guides and many concerned) they think that they can slip it by us again. They truly believe that they will make so much money off of license sales that allowing a wild fish kill will be profitable for them.The ODFW position is, we have a healthy run, lets kill it. Then they will be able to enhance the fishery and help it rebound by adding hatchery fish to the mix.....another bad idea. The winter run is probably the most healthy winter fishery on the coast of Oregon and on darn near any coast anywhere right now. No one in the Government can think proactively on this.They will try to open up the kill again and our run will dissapear and THEN they will say" Wow man, we better get some hatchery fish in there...that didn't work too well" Unless we all speak out.

It will be something that we will have to fight again.

The article is from 2009 but everything is still pertinent to what's happening today.
Please read this article and be ready to let your voice be heard when the wild winter kill issue comes up again....because it will!

Click here to read full interview....North Umpqua Wild Fish


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