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Bob Clay on Bamboo

Posted by Mark Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bob Clay talking about bamboo rods and some of the newer lines.I had a chance to meet and fish with Bob and his wife on the Dean a few years ago. He floated into camp and fished the camp water with us for a few hours.What a cool dude! He told us about a time when some big grizzlies scared them out of the Giants camp in the upper river. They ended up spending the night down stream in Eagle on a gravel bar. Bob said they left everything....maybe got like one sleeping bag. He fiddled through his coat or vest and found a few matches.They lit a big fire and had a semi sleepless night. They went back to get their stuff in the am and the bears were still there.One had a face full of pancake mix. They threw rocks and scared the bears out long enough to get their things and haul ass. I think they were a little short on food for the rest of the float.......

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