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Preserving Wild Fish And Tradition

Posted by Mark Saturday, February 9, 2013

 I encourage all of you to get behind and support a conservation group that advocates for wild fish and wild fish habitat. At this time in the Pacific NW history, working together for the common goal of preserving our wild fish stocks is more important than ever. So get involved somewhere,be it the The Steamboaters,the Native Fish Society or a cause or group close to where you live. Many voices speak loudly. Be an active voice for what happens on the rivers around you.

The history,tradition and sportsmanship ethics of the North Umpqua need to be preserved. It takes everyone to play by the rules to keep these traditions alive. The Umpqua is one of the last places around in the pacific Northwest where ethical fishing practices are still regularly employed. Please help to keep this fact a reality far into the future.

A few basic standards rules of the river are:

1)Move through pools in a reasonable amount of time allowing others a chance to fish the run behind you.

2) Don't hold runs without fishing.If you are in a piece of water, you should for the most part,be fishing.(especially true in the Campwater)

3)Park your car in the general area of where you are fishing( this is a signal to others that you are in a run or section and they know not to come in on you) This is a key to keeping encounters positive. 

4) Talk to people and find out what their intentions are when you arrive somewhere at the same that you both want to fish. Same applies when walking the trail and you meet someone. Communication will go a long way to avoiding conflicts. If there is a question,sometimes letting the other fish a run first is better than causing an issue.

5)Be respectful of others at all times on the river. There are many who have been fishing there a long time and they may not move as fast of cover water like you can. Respect the elders of the river! You never know when a Frank Moore, or a Joe Howell or another legendary fisherman may cross your path. Racing to every run and trying to always beat every one to every run every day may not always be the best way to operate. Giving another angler a shot at a run before you is often the gentlemanly thing to do and can be rewarded with lasting friendships.  Camaraderie, new friendships, sharing the resource, sharing flies and information with others,these are the kinds of things that make the river a magical place. In short, fish in a way that has little effect on the activities of others. Make your encounters with others on the river a positive experience for both of you. Use common sense and treat others in a way you would like to be treated and there will be no issues ever!

A couple of the values of the Steamboaters worth noting( from their mission statement):

1)Protect,preserve and restore fish habitat. Promote and support the natural genetic diversity of North Umpqua wild fish stocks.

2) Preserve the scenic values of the North Umpqua River

3)Educate the public to the values and importance of wild fish stocks

4)Promote and preserve the  tradition of fly fishing and the fraternity of fly fishers that fish the waters of the North Umpqua river.

5) Protect and preserve the fly fishing  only regulations on the North Umpqua river

6) Promote good sportsmanship and a code of ethics among ALL anglers

These fish are worth protecting

Have fun out there!


  1. David Says:
  2. Sorry to not share your enthusiasim of angler courtesy, but I encountered some of the rudest fly fishermen (locals) on the North Umpqua this year and I wasn't even fishing. Seems like more of them should get off thier high horse and realize they are just fishermen, like everyone else. Just saying, the NU dropped a few pegs for me.

  3. Mark Says:
  4. Exactly my point in posting this David


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