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In Between

Posted by Mark Thursday, April 11, 2013

   I have a love hate relationship for this time of year. I am always a little antsy when I don't fish for a few weeks.This is that time of year where winter fish are about over and summer fish are still out in the least on the North. As spring slowly comes into view,it is that the time to look forward to another summer of dry lines and dry flies. It's a good time to recharge and spend some down time. Tying flies, hanging with the family etc. I have been on the hill a bit and skiing takes my mind off not fishing.Skiing is my first love and I will always do it. Steelhead and the pursuit of them are a close second and have my full attention during all the non winter months.

I am honestly looking forward to some warmer weather and some hot early fish, it's not too far away now if we can just get through the days in between.

See ya out there soon

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  1. Jon Tapper Says:
  2. See ya at the Pine Party tonight? Skiin' till 7!


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