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Posted by Mark Sunday, April 21, 2013

How are you going to approach steelhead this coming summer? Are you going to do what you always do or break out of your comfort zone and try something you haven't tried? What technique have you been dying to try out for summer fish but just haven't had the skill, confidence,or time to explore? Are your lines and rods getting shorter and shorter? Do you like a single hand rod in summer? Do you find yourself gravitating back to longer rods and lines? Do you wonder if traditional style steelhead flies tied on hooks still work? Do you long to fish a waked or skated fly? Are you always fishing to catch fish or can you be completely satisfied with fishing good water well and moving on? Do you fish for pleasure or are you driven by something far greater that you can't explain? Is fishing for you a team sport that you enjoy doing with others or would you rather be a lone wolf? What makes being on the river special for you? Do you listen to the hype on the latest and greatest thing in fly fishing or do you just shake your head and and resume doing what you know works for you? What is your reason for pursuing steelhead? Can you even explain it? How do you feel at the end of a fish less day? How about after multiple fish less days? How do you feel after a multiple fish day? Is it the same? Can it be the same? How do you measure success? Can you ever really have a bad day on the river? What are you doing to ensure the river you fish remains the place you have always known? Who do you want to fish with this summer? What friends do you find yourself fishing with most? What makes a good fishing partner? Is there anyone out there with the same values you share? Do you leave the river better than when you found it? Are your riverside exchanges with others positive? If not,what can you do to make them more positive?Are you teaching others to love and steward the resource that you currently enjoy. Who is carrying the torch after you are gone? Are you sharing information and ideas freely with those who may need to draw from your experience on the river?

These questions and many more will be answered as you fish, interact and engage with the rivers we love.


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