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Doing the Right Thing

Posted by Mark Saturday, September 6, 2014

Spent a great day with the family on the river yesterday. It didn't start out so well though. We pulled into a great run at first light and much to my disappointment, there was garbage everywhere. Some idiot had left a couple bags of household garbage in the parking lot and the racoons/bears or whatever had it spread everywhere. The garbage can was not even full and the bags would have easily fit inside. ARRRRRGH!!!!!  I sat there for a second totally bummed and knew what I had to do. I couldn't stand the look of it anymore and knew it would get blown around during the day to come. I started to pick up stuff and gather it to throw it away. Dirty diapers, crawdad tails, old fast food bags, it was gnarly! Anyway Debi and the kids jumped in and in short order we all had the place looking good again, and we all felt better. It surely looked better.

Five minutes later after rigging up and putting waders on, we walked down to the run. Debi made about 20 casts and had a good grab. Two casts later she is fast into an aerobatic fish that hit and fought like a freight train. We touched two more fish before the day was over and we left around 4PM

I don't really believe in karma and all that but I do believe in trying to do the right thing when I see something wrong. It was a great opportunity to pass the legacy of stewardship of the North Umpqua along to my kids.They get it......


  1. Unknown Says:
  2. Thank you for the clean-up job. You showed your kids a lesson by doing the right thing without expectation of reward.


  3. Thanks Mark, the reward is a clean area when I go back to that spot.


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