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The lord of the swing

Posted by Mark Monday, January 9, 2012


Do you know a guy that just get's um? I have a couple friends that qualify in this regard. You know,fishermen who by either hard work and years of experience, or a combination of both, just seem to hook a lot of fish. I have one friend in particular who is just an outstanding fisherman in all respects. He knows his home field better than almost anyone alive right now. His attention to the subtleties of the swing game and the ever changing ways to make the presentation that is right for the run and seasons make him a guy that flat out gets it done. His knowledge of every rock in the ditch and where fish sit at every level is legendary. His approach is often different than the average angler and he manages his swing the way Joe Torre managed the Yankees. Tight and right.He knows these fish..... we say he has gills. When he goes to new waters these same instincts allow him to fish and find fish like he is on his home field.
He has called fish in a run, much like the Babe pointing to the fence before smashing it out of the park. I have seen him approach a run and tell me where they sit and where I will hook one on more than one occasion. Once he did this in ridiculously high water, almost un-fishable water. We questioned even being out but he was undaunted. He pointed to a spot with his rod and said "at these levels the fish is gonna be right there".  Several minutes later in that exact spot a chrome hen crushed my offering. You just don't see that every day. This guy is on another level. Like we often say, the rest of us may be on the pro tour and playing the same course with him, he just happens to be Jack Nicklaus.The things that I have learned under his watchful eye are priceless.

Another friend is a fish magnate as well. He is a guy who is a great caster and fisherman in his own right. His approach is different as are most of the people I know. No one does it the same every time. This particular guy has all the skills and he also has a sixth sense. His years of experience give him the ability to not over think a situation. He knows when to be where and is not afraid to fish behind someone else. His skills at presenting a fly give him confidence to follow even the best of fisherman through, knowing his fly is searching and hunting better.He just fishes in a methodical and measured manner and quietly hooks many,many fish. He doesn't get ruffled by crowds, he doesn't run around on the river with his hair on fire. He fishes tried and true spots carefully and completely. He branches out and finds fish in new places. He has been catching steelhead since I was in diapers. He is a master and a friend. He is someone who I learn from every time I am out with him.

I catch plenty of fish but I also know that I can improve my game in almost every aspect.It takes a life time but every day fishing I aspire to learn and improve and one day, maybe when I am 80,be worthy of the title The lord of the swing.


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