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Dan Callahan Memorial Threatened

Posted by Mark Monday, January 30, 2012

 Apparently, there are some that are trying to have a memorial plaque dedicated to Dan at the Wright Creek tail-out removed. Those that have fished the run have seen it. With hard work and dedication, Dan devoted his life to this river,it's fish and it's conservation.His pictures of the river are unmatched and have been seen all over the world. If anyone deserves a memorial on the river it is Dan. The very reason the river is the way it is, is due to in large part to wild fish advocates like Dan

Below is a short history of the some of the conservation groups that Dan founded or was a part of:

Dan loved rivers, and he devoted his life to helping preserve them as a serious conservationist, avid fly fisherman, and gifted photographer, He was one of the founders of The Steamboaters, a fly fishing and conservation club which originated at Steamboat Inn on the North Umpqua River, which he considered the most beautiful river he had ever seen, He was also a founder of the North Umpqua Foundation, Dan served as a director of those organizations as well as for The Museum of American Flyfishing, the Federation of Flyfishers, and the Salem Art Association, He served as a Commissioner on the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission, and served on the Willamette River Greenway Commission, He also served as house counsel for several flyfishing organizations, He received the Wild Trout Award from Oregon Trout and the Federation of Flyfishers' Brooks Memorial Life Membership award for his efforts in conservation and photography.
Dan was a member and supporter of the Steamboaters, North Umpqua Foundation, Federation of Flyfishers, Oregon Trout, Yellowstone Association, Trout Unlimited, 1,000 Friends of Oregon, Friends of Columbia Gorge, Nature Conservancy, Native Fish Society, American Museum of Flyfishing, High Desert Museum, Haig-Brown Kingfisher Society, American Rivers, Steelhead Society of British Columbia, Montana Trout Foundation, Water Watch of Oregon, Henry's Fork Foundation, and the Pacific Rivers Council, He was a Nikon Professional and a member of the International Association of Panoramic Photographers and the Portland Photographer's Forum, Dan fly fished and photographed many rivers in the Western United States, Canada, Alaska, Europe, Iceland, Central America, and South America, He was also a member of the golf team at Willamette University.
Dan's work has been published in Fly Fisherman, Fly Fisher, Rod & Reel, Outdoor Life, Newsweek, Country Gentleman, Outside, The Art of Angling Journal, Wild Steelhead and countless other publications.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Mark, what / who is the story behind this? It makes no sense to target a plaque hidden in the forest.

    - Steve

  3. That plaque is a treasured reminder of the historical value of the NU, I can’t imagine why anyone would waste their time on this, makes absolutely no sense. It’s not like it’s hot pink and an fact I doubt 99% of people who visit the NU have even seen it. I am going to find out who is behind this and do whatever I can to expose the idiot who is behind this completely misplaced effort.

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. ok, a bit of searching, and it seems that the person with nothing better to do is a local individual known for making a ruckus. The Forest Service is caught in the crosshairs. There seems to be a question about whether this plaque is appropriate on public lands, in a river corridor bisected by a significant highway, complete with guardrails and road signs! What a waste of time and effort. I'll be politely asking USFS to find some other way to spend my tax dollars.

    - Steve

  6. Mark Says:
  7. Thanks Steve and Kurt,
    I will add your sentiments to the meeting on Thursday, and yes I agree, this is completely ridiculous.

    I didn't have a ton of info when I posted but I knew who it was. I will add a little to what you wrote.It is an individual who has a rafting operation. He is mad because he is being regulated(as well he should) because of the impact his operation has on the river. This is his way of lashing out at the fishing community.I will be at a meeting on Thursday for all of those involved with a special use permits and believe me, this will get hashed out. It may get ugly.Basically, we( all the fishing guides) are gonna call him to the will go away trust me.

    The guy making the ruckus should realize that fishermen were here first and the the majority if not ALL the organizations that were formed to protect the river and make it a National Scenic Area were fisherman. He owes his whole existence as a raft guide to people like Dan.

    There are at least 2 other plaques out there on the river to my knowledge. Maybe we should tear down the Mott is a memorial as well.

  8. JZ Says:
  9. Mark,

    I hadn't been down to Knouse in a couple years, but was there two Sundays ago. I looked for his plaque, and it looks like that tree may have gotten washed away. That spot holds a special place in me since it's not only where I caught my first NU steelhead, but my first steelhead overall. I always look for his plaque when I'm down there...

    And, yes, I agree with everyone here that it is simply ridiculous for this individual to try to take down Dan's.


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