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Short Session

Posted by Mark Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I fished a total of 10 minutes the other day and landed my first fish of the year, a spellbinding buck in the upper teens.
 Here is a short excerpt from the story I wrote and posted on the The Long Line Collective.............

 The line tightens agonizingly slow, the Daiwa 812 gives 6 inches of line and clicks a few times. Wait for it.......Bam!!! I raise the rod firmly and strike a heavy fish.He shakes his massive head in disagreement of his new found predicament and the rod throbs in tandem. I fight this fish quickly and cleanly, nothing truly remarkable about it,just a good solid fight. As I slide him into the shallows, I am awed by his size.He is easily the largest fish I have seen in winter in quite some time.He is perfect in every way with barely a hint of rose along the side and cheek.I am awed by his strength. I am awed by his beauty.  In a dream like state,I twist the hook out of this magnificent creature, watching his silver body glide silently into the main current and disappear.

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  1. Tourdiva Says:
  2. Stellar, inspiring and excellent recap, Dan esp. likes the line ," it was good for my soul" in the Long Line Coll. Love your writing- keep it flowing.


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