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The Right Place

Posted by Mark Sunday, January 29, 2012

The water has been at flood stage and virtually un-fishable for days. I am finally on the river and fishing has been tough because water is up in the trees. Conditions are improving dramatically as the water drops 1000 cfs a day.I have been planning this trip down to the river for weeks.Everything is aligning for some epic conditions Saturday and Sunday maybe Monday before the next round of rain blows the ditch out. Everything is moving perfectly according to plan. Sunday is gonna be the day. But, before noon on Saturday I am in my truck driving up and out of the river heading home to a sick son who needs his Dad. The love for my son and family pulls harder now than the fish once did and I grind my foot on the accelerator and roar out of the canyon. The fish can wait this time, we will do battle later.

Make sure in the pursuit of fish that you don't neglect the one's you love. We are here a very short time and family and relationships must come first. I have made the wrong choices in the past and I vow to not let that happen again.

Happy fishing!


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