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Taming the Wind

Posted by Mark Friday, June 11, 2010

 Here is one of the best short videos I have seen on casting, double hauling etc in the wind. The guy in the video is Davin Ebanks and he does a great job reviewing the DVD Taming The Wind from Prescott Smith. It really makes you think about what your hands are doing and what makes a cast more efficient.

Great tips to make that line sail boys! The NU gets plenty windy at times and these pointers will work wonders I can tell.

DVD Review: "Taming the Wind" from Davin Ebanks on Vimeo.


  2. Mark,
    This is great!! Thanks!

  3. Mark Says:
  4. Hey Blue, when I saw this it really made me look hard at some of my casting habits and how they came to be. Not all of them are good. I would have loved to see this video 20 years ago.The way he hauls makes total sense.

  6. Indeed!! Mark.
    This probably is the most interesting video I have seen in a long time! Wonderful explanation and totally make sense... I will borrow it from you and post this in my blog, thanks again!

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