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Rock Creek Hatchery

Posted by Mark Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An interesting article on what the Rock Creek Hatchery has planned for 2010. I was fishing the NU this winter/spring and overheard a guy saying they had huge fish kills in the ponds over the winter....almost a total loss. Forgot to clean the tanks or something. You don't hear about it,they kind of slip under the radar. Things like the massive fish kill go basically unnoticed and unreported.I wish they would take the money they spend on those dead end(literally) projects that only hurt our wild fish and do something useful with it.

It scares me when I read things like "we produce a hatchery broodstock similar to wild fish so as not to interfere with the natural population" Similar in what way? They swim and are called steelhead....other than that they couldn't be more different.

Here's where all our money goes....... Not wild fish

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