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Summer Steel That's the Deal!

Posted by Mark Thursday, June 17, 2010


I hooked and landed an absolute chrome beauty on Tuesday. The water was high so I opted for a Skagit set up and a small black and red MOAL leach.(Thanks Todd) I found a spot with a softer inside corner and started in. It didn't feel like there were many fish around and I was just casting and swinging not paying much attention. Then I was like, maybe I'll take a picture of my line and rod swinging across the run. I got out my camera and started snapping pictures from the anglers POV. Camera in one hand rod in the other.....YANK! She hits like a ton of bricks and peels out of there. The picture above is during the first run, then I put the silly camera away.She jumps as she starts to get some traction and starts heading for the back door.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ goes the clicker as she does a face melting run into the backing. She stops and jumps once, twice three times and starts coming at me. I catch up to her reeling as she jumps again. I put the wood on her and get her into the shallows for a quick pic. I reach down and twist the fly out of her mouth and she disappears into the depths. Elapsed time, about 4 minutes. The eager grab of a brand new fish never,never gets old.

These early June fish are as hot and wild as any fish I have hooked. Reminds me a lot of Dean river fish. The hens are always the best. Blistering runs, multiple jumps and just basically a street brawl. Fun stuff!

By the time I left today the water had dropped and cleared considerably and I had one more yank that came up empty and rose a fish to a skater that wouldn't come back. Still a bit sketchy wading around but if you are careful you can start to get to some of the normal spots.

 Perfect in every way

Debi getting it done with the single hander (She is such a traditionalist,I am so proud)

Steamboat Falls. Went up to Lee's and there were no fish yet but there is debris in the ladder so that needs to get cleaned out.


  1. Awesome work!

  2. Mark Says:
  3. Thanks Tug

  5. What a wonderful place to fish! Great works!

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