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101 Green Butt Skunks

Posted by Mark Friday, June 25, 2010

A truly remarkable piece of art that will draw awareness and some much needed funding for the ongoing fishery conservation done by The North Umpqua Foundation. 

To view the entire collection click: 101 Green Butt Skunks

Dan Callaghan Memorial Fly Plate To Be Auctioned in 2010
Plate will tour Pacific Northwest fly fishing venues next spring and summer.
Dan CallaghanFeb. 25, 2010 -- Royal Treatment Fly Fishing and the North Umpqua Foundation are pleased to announce that in October 2010 a collection of Green Butt Skunks from 101 tyers and an original Dan Callaghan photograph will be auctioned off in a beautifully mounted fly plate.  All proceeds will benefit the North Umpqua Foundation’s conservation projects.
Over three years in the making, this collection will contain flies from such noted anglers and tyers as Alec Jackson, Lani Waller, Polly Rosborough, Ed Haas, Frank Moore and, of course, Dan Callaghan.
The public unveiling of the Dan Callaghan Memorial Fly Plate, 101 Green Butt Skunks took place at the Oregon State Capitol Building Galleria West at 10:00 am on February 25th. The plate will remain on display through Friday February 26th.
101 Green Butt Skunks Collection
This collection will be touring fly fishing venues in the Northwest during the spring and summer of 2010.

101 Green Butt Skunks promo posterBIDDING INFO: To place a bid for this collection, please send the following information in a sealed envelope to the address listed below. Full name, home address and contact information including phone numbers and email address. Please state clearly your bid amount and sign your bid. Minimum bid is $4,500.00. Please bid in $100.00 increments. BIDS MUST BE SIGNED.
Make sure your name and address are clearly written on the outside of the envelope. You will receive a confirmation that your bid has been received.
Bids will be opened on the evening of October 23rd, 2010 at Steamboat Inn. Highest bid received will be declared the winner. The winning bidder will be notified by telephone at that time.
In the event that there is a tie for the winning bid, the bid received first will be declared the winner.
Delivery outside of Oregon is the responsibility of the winning bidder.
Payment is to be made to the North Umpqua Foundation. Consult your tax advisor regarding donation above estimated value of $5500.00.
Bids must be postmarked by October 1, 2010.
All bidder information will be kept in strictest confidence.
Please send your bid to:
101 Green Butt Skunks
c/o Patrick J. Furrer
Attorney and Counselor of Law
7540 SW Hermoso Way
Tigard, OR 97223

Joel La Follette did a great job organizing and spearheading this mammoth project. Way cool man, thanks!

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