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Dreaming of summer days,dry lines,dogs and summer fish

Posted by Mark Saturday, April 10, 2010

 Don't get me wrong I love my winter fish and the North Umpqua has some of the prettiest,biggest, hottest fish found anywhere. Here is a fish caught one snowy day.

But,I can't wait for summer to come. Warm days, hot summer fish and the river I love with the people that love it. The anticipation of that first Station fish is in the air. Thinking of the first fish out of famous runs like The Ledges,Tree Pool, Archie, Split Rock,Upper Willys,or the Racks cloud my mind.The subtle change from spring to summer is the trigger that the summer fish need to send them towards Steamboat Creek. Cool higher water and some tricky wading always start the year off. The early summer fish are pistol hot and I always end up loosing a fish or two it seems before one sticks. You see your kite string in early summer a lot.

My dog Rudy(the black lab Border collie) is a great fishing dog. His partner in crime is Earl(the Pearl for obvious reasons). Earl is Tony's dog.They fight and roll around on the beach while we fish. They chase sticks and bring them back both holding an end. They lay in the sun like dogs do. They swim out to little ledges and perches in the middle of the river to join us when we ask them to. They just love going fishing.

There is some amazing fishing just around the corner. Days of dry lines and dry flies. Days of getting up early to fish at first light. Days of awesome sunrises, trees in full leaf, water ouzels and eagles, otters and ospreys. Days when you are so focused on fishing and the fish that all other thoughts are erased from your mind. Days of friendship and laughter, learning and growing.Days when you hook your first fish or two when most people will still be in bed for hours. Days of mid-day naps.Days of spotting fish in the sun to save for an evening session. Days of finding a player in a run at dark, and putting him to bed without hooking him, only to hook him up at first light the next day in the exact same spot. Long days, short days,sunny days, windy days, rainy days, hot days. Days where actually hooking a fish means little, other days where you push yourself for the GRAB! Days when you fish the latest new flies and days when you fish the old standards. Days you fish hard, days you don't care. Days when you just sit on the bank and watch your buddy fish and heckle from the sidelines. Days where your buddy heckles you from the sidelines. Good days,and bad days. Happy and sad days. Days you wish would never end. Welcome to my world.

Fly fishing the North Umpqua is not like any other river, there is no comparison on this planet. The fish, the river, the history and tradition,the structure and availability to anglers is unique in all the world. It is a special place that does not give up her secrets easily. Years and lifetimes have been devoted to this gem and most would say it would take several lifetimes to really get to know it.

Come with me to the North Umpqua on a fly fishing journey that will most certainly affect your life in a positive way.......who knows,it just might be one of THOSE days.

Stay tuned for a series on the North Umpqua river and it's early history,as well as Steamboat Inn and it's  beginnings.

See ya on the river

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