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The Pass Creek film from 1968

Posted by Mark Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here is a link to the 1968 documentary film, Pass Creek. The film is about the early logging damage and subsequent environmental issues that plagued the steelhead of the North Umpqua river.  Frank Moore was instrumental in getting the film makers,Hal Riney and Dick Snider, involved in this project.

Great early footage of Frank casting and playing a fish!

Notice the off the left shoulder single handed cast. As shown in the movie,Frank and a lot of single hand casters have been doing spey type casts for a long time. Long before there were any 2-handed rods on this side of the pond at least.It is highly likely that many of the casts that were adapted for two handed rods CAME from single hand casting and not the other way around.It's really nothing new.

This film is as important today as it ever was.It goes a long way in pointing out how and why many of our great rivers were impacted. In many cases this kind of thing still goes on. We all need to be involved in organizations that continue to support our native fish and monitor the impact we have on the land and it's water.

For links to The Native Fish Society and the Steamboaters, click Here and Here

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