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Single Hand-Double Haul

Posted by Mark Monday, April 26, 2010

If you want to make that cast to the other side of The Racks or any of the other long pokes on the North Umpqua, learn the double haul. For the more advanced and difficult places a double hauled roll cast is the cast that gets it done.Not a lot of videos of that one but when properly executed it can cover darn near as far. The double hauled roll cast is a very good cast to have in your tool belt on the North.Often times the brush and trees prevent overhead casting.

Challenge yourself this year and put your spey rod down occasionally and pick up a single-hander. It's a hoot people. It feels nice to fight a fish on a true 7wt. At least something other than a 14 weight, which is what most spey rods are, don't kid yourself.

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